Friday, September 24, 2010

Episode #2 – Hide and Seek, Part 1

Normandy SR-2, the Loft

"Commander Shepard, please respond."

Leanna stirred groggily in her bed. "Do you have any idea what time it is Miranda?"

"I am Commander, but this is of the utmost importance."

"Have the Reapers started their invasion? Because that is the only conceivable reason I can see for waking me up at—"

Miranda cut her off, "It's about Liara."

Leanna sat up straight. "What is it, what's wrong?"

"The most recent piece of data EDI's been able to recover is relevant to her and the Shadow Broker. All attempts to contact her have failed. I think she may be in grave danger."

She jumped off the bed and started suiting up. "How fast can we get to Illium?"

"I've already had Joker set a course. We should be there within three hours."

"Good. Have Garrus and Tali meet me in the briefing room within the hour."

"Yes Commander." Miranda turned off the comm-line.

Leanna walked over to her personal terminal and turned on the comm. "Kelly? I need coffee. Now."

"What've we got?"

Tali, Garrus and Miranda were all waiting for her as Leanna entered the Briefing Room. She sat her coffee down on the table.

Miranda approached, "The data we recovered indicates that the Shadow Broker is holding a Drell named Feron. Liara has been looking for him since he was captured while recovering your body." She handed Leanna a datapad. "This contains all the data Cerberus has been able to collect on the Shadow Broker."

Tali chimed in, "Why would Cerberus share this information with us?"

"It was likely part of the Illusive Man's trust-building ideas," Miranda replied. "Not to mention that the Shadow Broker is Cerberus's major competition on the Galactic stage."

"He gives this information to us," Garrus interjected, "and he knows you'll help Liara with her Vendetta."

Leanna nodded, "He wins me over and eliminates his competition in one fell swoop."

"That Manipulative Bastard," Miranda said through gritted teeth.

Tali's mouthpiece flashed, "Maybe we should start calling him that instead."

Leanna cracked a smile, "Sounds like a plan." Her expression turned serious again as he turned back to Miranda, "You said you couldn't contact Liara?"

"Yes Commander," she replied. "Local time on Illium is early afternoon. She should be in her Information Broker office, but there's no response, and we know she doesn't have a secretary. Not anymore, anyway"

"Joker to Shepard, we've just passed through the Relay. We'll be arriving at Illium shortly"

"Got it Joker." Leanna turned to the others, "Ok, game-plan: Garrus and Tali, you come with me to retrieve Liara; Miranda, see if you can extrapolate where the Shadow Broker is keeping Feron, use EDI if you have to, just make sure everything is done as securely as possible. If the Shadow Broker's as good as they say we don't want him clued in on what we're doing."

"Affirmative Commander," Miranda nodded.

"With you Shepard," Tali flashed.

"Just like old times," Garrus said with a Grin.

"Move out!"

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