Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Episode #1 – The Drinking Game, Part 1

Entry 218 My head is pounding. Why in god's name did I have to have Ryncol? Again. I guess I should be thankful I managed to keep it down. How the hell did I manage to get back in bed?

"Morning sleepyhead"

Leanna looked back at her bed. Someone was sitting up in it.

"Holy Shit it's Kelly!"

"Yeppers Commander," Kelly replied sleepily.

"What… How… Why are you in my bed?"

"You asked me, remember?" Kelly's eyes became focused, "and as Yeoman, it's my job to make sure my Commander's needs are satisfied."

"You mean we… we…" Leanna stuttered.

"My Commander's every need," Kelly said forcefully.

Leanna was panicked. Her heart was pounding. How could this have happened? She'd managed to keep herself from every temptation even when it was staring her in the face. She promised she'd wait, at least until she and Liara had a chance to talk about where their relationship was going. But now…

"Well, see you at the CIC."

Leanna looked up startled. In the time she'd been trying to figure out what was going on, Kelly had gotten dressed and was headed out the door. She managed to get out a halfhearted, "See you there," before the doors closed and left Leanna alone. Well, not completely alone.

"EDI," she called out.

A blue orb materialized next to her, "Yes Commander?"

"Do you still have surveillance equipment installed on the Normandy?"

The lines on the orb oscillated, "Yes Commander, though I have overridden the transmission protocols. We are not transmitting to Cerberus."

"Good," Leanna hadn't even thought about that. God only knows what would've happened if the transmission was intercepted. "Can you bring up any recordings made last night including myself and Yeoman Chambers?"

"One moment. Accessing." EDI glowed bright blue, then disappeared. The video files she requested came up on Leanna's private terminal.

Everything looked pretty basic. Kelly, it seemed, was helping a Drunken Shepard back to her quarters. Damn, these cameras are thorough, she thought. I may need to get Tali to remove them… or I could just keep them for… personal use.

Leanna fast-forwarded to the elevator. It was there that she saw herself start to paw at and kiss Kelly. Kelly didn't look the least bit uncomfortable.

"I think I'm gonna be sick"

"Would you like me to call Dr. Chakwas up here?"

"Get out of here EDI!"

Turning back to the monitor, they'd made it to the Loft. It looked like a bad holo-vid from an erotic extra-net site. Regardless of what she did with the rest of the cameras, she was definitely getting rid of that camera.

She couldn't take anymore, "EDI?"

No response.

"Come on EDI, you know and I know that you're still there."

"Yes Commander?"

"I want you to lock-out and encrypt these files. No one watches them, you hear me? Not even Miranda."

"Operative Lawson has already watched these files."



"Oh dear lord! No more! No one accesses these files, or any copies made, without express permission from me. Got it?"

"Affirmative Shepard. Logging you out."

This was a wildfire she had to contain. She had to go straight to Miranda and get this sorted out. She got all the way to the door before EDI stopped her.

"Shepard, might I suggest a change of clothes before you go out."

"Why, what's wrong with…" she trailed off as she looked down. All she was wearing was a pair of panties. And to make matters worse, they weren't her's.

"Son of a…"

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