Monday, September 20, 2010

The Drinking Game, Part 5

Entry 219

The situation with Kelly's been sorted out. I can't believe I broke down like that, but I feel better just telling someone what happened. I'm still not ready to enter what happened into any official logs though. Maybe I'll write it down someday, if I ever get my hands on some sort of analog writing equipment.

Kelly's news was… unexpected, to say the least. Apparently, before we hit the Omega 4 Relay, we received a major Databurst from Cerberus. EDI filed it for later decryption, but much of the data was damaged in the fight with the Collectors.

It's big though. EDI estimates several thousand Exabytes. Could take years to recover and decrypt all of it.

Miranda's been checking the ID signatures on the files. These are coming from R&D, Intelligence, even the Illusive Man himself.

So far, all that's been recovered is a handful of weapon and armor schematics. Some of it looks good. I'm keeping my Visor though.

I'm still uncertain where I'm going. The Reapers are coming, but I feel like we have some breathing room. I could head to the Citadel; see if Anderson will give me Ash's comm number, whatever good that would do. I don't even know if she'd hear me out after what she said on Horizon.

Illium's an option, but I don't know what I'd do there. Seems all Liara wants is someone to hack some terminals for her.

One thing's for sure, I'm sure as hell not getting drunk again.

End of Episode #1

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